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Ballet / Dance Physical Therapy

You are going to be more efficient and resourceful with the physical tools and abilities you have.

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Dance Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

The body-mind demands of the performing arts are relentless. The psychological and emotional toll of dance is every bit as exhausting and draining as the physical pounding your body takes.. Muscle spasms, fatigue, and joint pain due to energy depletion can make the emotional burden unbearable.

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Why Visit Dr. Scott?

Simply put, his systematic whole-person view of performance optimization and dysfunction was honed throughout a demanding healthcare career that required clarity, accuracy, and most importantly -- results.

Drawing from more than 20 years of military, professional athlete, and university professor experience, Scott eliminates the guess-work and gets to the root cause of your movement and performance barriers, methodically discerning movement quality and making connections that unlock DANCE potential where others fail.

You will learn the underlying causes of your pain and fatigue, and work together with Scott to develop a unique, personalized path to success that will empower you to achieve your personal best.

The Truth?

The truth is, the chronic stress and relentless physical assault is crushing your ability to stay focused and perform at the highest level, and being required to do so day after day and night after night isn’t making your goals easier to achieve.

As a unique interdisciplinary movement specialist, Scott has taken the time to test dancers across several disciplines, gather the data, remove the guess-work, and create a personalized durability index, specifically for you, with a degree of focus and precision that you have not experienced before. Are you balanced and functional, or prone to injury and fatigue?  Now you can stop guessing and move forward in your training with confidence. We will optimize your resistance to physical and mental stress by systematically prioritizing individual obstacles, habits and injuries.

 And this is going to result in better focus, increased energy, fewer injuries, and faster recovery. 

Simply put, we are going to find and eliminate your energy leaks, and at the same time we will learn your strengths so you can stop wasting your time working on things you are already skilled at.

  • More efficient and resourceful
  • Increased energy
  • Discover physical tools & abilities
  • Fewer injuries
  • Better focus
  • Faster recovery

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Dance Physical Therapist Reviews

Scott‘s sensitivity, thoughtfulness, kindness, and quality guidance that he displays while providing outstanding patient care, are the reasons we continually recommend him to the dancers we train at META Performance and have chosen to collaborate whenever possible. We cannot recommend him highly enough!!

Kason Hanson

Dr. Scott is absolutely revolutionary! He is the type of physician to get to the root of the issue, prescribe very tailored exercises that produces results, and sends you on your way! You will not waste time or money with this man! He cares so much about the body. As a dancer he has increased my capacity for physicality significantly! There are no words for the appreciation and respect I have for him!

Latisha Hardy Dance & Co Ltd

Dr. Scott Jones is excellent. As a former Ballet Dancer having had two knee surgeries, I have received therapy by countless PT providers in the last 16 years, and have never experienced one with the unique approach Dr. Scott uses. He projects an atmosphere of genuine concern and detailed care for each individuals physical needs. In helping me with knee complaints he shed light on and revealed other significant overlooked issues leading directly to my original pain. Every time I go I come away feeling alert, energetic, and amazing!!! Thank you Dr. Scott!


Dr. Scott is a gem for our society! If you have any pain for short time or long time, you should see him ! He will give you the best solution for you!

Elisa Olson

Ikuko Milton
Owner, Studio Iku (Ballet)

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1795 Jet Stream Drive, Suite 105 Colorado Springs, CO 80921