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Military Tricare Physical Therapy

Dr. Scott will give you the tools to stop guessing and make real progress.

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Dr. Scott Jones - Tricare Physical Therapist

Drawing from more than 20 years of military, professional athlete, and university professor experience, Scott eliminates the guess-work and gets to the root cause of your movement and performance barriers, methodically discerning movement quality and making connections that unlock RESILIENCE potential where others fail.

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Why Dr. Scott?

Simply put, his systematic whole-person view of performance optimization and dysfunction was honed throughout a demanding healthcare career that required clarity, accuracy, and most importantly -- results.

You will learn the underlying causes of your pain and fatigue, and work together with Scott to develop a unique, personalized path to success that will empower you to achieve your personal best.

You Need The Support!

Military personnel do not have the luxury of returning to a physical therapy or chiropractic clinic 2x/week indefinitely, There are training demands, minimum physical capacity requirements, and a continuous deployment cycle that drains the body, mind, and spirit.  Surviving the demands and rigors of the military profession is not enough. The ability to thrive in the midst of these relentless demands depends as much on your support network as it does your own personal resilience.  Only the strong survive, but even the strongest can’t do it alone, especially when lives are at stake.

You need the support of specialists who can expertly assess both obvious and hidden weaknesses, tell you what you "don’t" need to waste your time working on, and give you the tools necessary to both self-assess and self correct when you’re in the field and self reliance is the only option.

Dr. Scott will give you the tools to stop guessing and make real progress.

  • Optimize resistance to physical stress
  • Prioritizing habits and injuries
  • Gain physical tools
  • Increased energy
  • Optimize resistance to mental stress
  • Be more efficient
  • Learn new abilities
  • Fewer injuries
  • Prioritizing your obstacles
  • Be more resourceful
  • Better focus
  • Faster recovery

or call: 719.431.6734

Military Reviews

Dr. Jones is awesome! He helped me during my recovery from right rotator cuff surgery and I highly recommend him for physical therapy! First class!

Robin Rand

General (ret), USAF

Exceptional professional who provides the type of PT normally reserved for professional athletes. Cutting edge modalities enabled a 50% reduction in my recovery time from rotator cuff/labrum surgery. Do not hesitate to request Dr. Jones after surgery or to improve your performance. Spectacular results for me.

Chris Bailey

Colonel (Ret), USAF
F-35 Pilot

Dr Jones was a fantastic physical therapist. His expertise and experience with "cause and effect" diagnosis helped me within minutes of limping in for my first appointment. Back pain was eased before I left that day. He demonstrated, explained, and educated me regarding the probable issues causing my back pain--even sent some helpful video links. It's been two months since the first referral, and I can say that I am not only pain free (without any pills!) but also improving on a number of other physical performance factors needing attention. Having been to more than a dozen physical therapists since I've been in Colorado Springs (almost 20 years now), Dr. Scott Jones was by far the most effective. Highly recommended to military folk looking for some genuine expertise and results from a physical therapist.

Scott Westfall

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1795 Jet Stream Drive, Suite 105 Colorado Springs, CO 80921